Seed Library

The Seed Library is collection of seed packets and growing instructions, which is designed to encourage people to plant, save, and share seeds.

Here's how it works:

-You must have a library card to participate in the seed library.

-A small package of seeds is checked out, with the understanding that you will grow the seeds.

-Save seeds from the plants, and return a similar package of seeds to the Library. (Return envelopes will be provided)

-There is no fine if the seeds are not returned.

Here are some documents which you may find helpful:

Planning a Garden

How to Save Seeds

Garden Journal

Westville Library Seed Inventory:

-Bean, Purple Podded Pole
-Bean, Sultan’s Green Crescent
-Bean, Detroit Dark Red
-Cabbage, Premium Late Dutch
-Cabbage, Red Calicos
-Carrot, Dragon
-Carrot, Paris Market
-Cauliflower, Early Snowball
-Corn, Country Gentleman
-Corn, Glass Gem
-Cucumber, Longfellow
-Cucumber, Mexican Sour Gherkin
-Eggplant, Diamond
-Flower, Blue Boy Bachelor Button
-Flower, Cosmos
-Flower, Night Scented Stock
-Flower, Sunflower Trauma White Seeded
-Flower, Verbena
-Gourd, Spinning
-Ground Cherry, Aunt Molly’s
-Herb, Bouquet
-Herb, Catnip
-Herb, Garlic Chives
-Herb, Giant From Italy Parsley
-Herb, Lovage Magnus
-Kale, Red Russian
-Kale, Scarlet
-Lima Bean, Whitest Family Baby
-Melon, Amish
-Onion, Alisa Craig
-Onion, Yellow of Parma
-Pea, Extra Early Pedigree
-Pea, Green Arrow
-Pepper, Anch Gigantea
-Pepper, Ausila Thin Skin
-Pepper, Sheepnose Pimento
-Pepper, Tolis Sweet
-Radish, French Breakfast
-Squash, Burgess Butter Cup
-Squash, Sweet Fall
-Tomato. Cherokee Purple
-Tomato, Sweet Pea Currant